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JArt Studio-Gallery is committed to work towards creating a kinder, joyful, creative and better world for everyone.


I have been interested in art since childhood, but never got the opportunity to develop my skills further, as I had to dedicate most of my time to school work and later university studies, leaving me no time to concentrate on art and creativity.

I love learning and enjoy putting effort into developing my skills, weather in languages or something that can challenge me; I am usually quite an academic type of person and normally get good results.

After moving to Switzerland and being busy taking care of my family, and raising two children, I came to know about art classes as JArt Studio-Gallery. Initially, my two sons attended, then I also became interested in learning to draw and paint, and develop my interest for art. Since that moment, I have felt the urge to draw people on the bus and paint the beautiful Swiss sceneries around me.

I have been an assistant teacher at JArt Studio-Gallery for about a year now.

I feel blessed to be able to guide other people in nurturing their talents; this gives me purpose and joy.



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