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JArt Studio-Gallery is committed to work towards creating a kinder, joyful, creative and better world for everyone.


My first acquaintance with painting happened in early childhood, my mother, could be said, was my first teacher - she taught me how to draw animals and simple landscapes -  I had to try hard to deserve a compliment!

Later, already an adult girl, I decided to attend  art school; I studied painting, drawing, composition as well as the history of art.

Drawing is like riding a bicycle: first you need to make an effort to master the art of driving, and then you  can choose which road is more interesting for you. In 2014, my road crossed the road of Jacqueline, I had just moved to Switzerland, learned the language and began to actively attend her lessons. The work as her assistant, is for me another opportunity to be closer to art and people who think similarly.


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