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JArt Studio-Gallery is committed to work towards creating a kinder, joyful, creative and better world for everyone.




"But there is always resistance, and because of it, and ineradicable core of freedom, and with it dignity, remains at the heart

 of the human condition. Only from resis-tance is the 'infinate improbability' of a better world possible." -  Ron Roberts.



Thank you to my husband for being extremely supportive of all my endeavors, your love and constant encouragement, and thank you for helping making this contribution possible.

Life has blessed me with amasing teachers and mentors, I will forever hold your in my heart, thank you for showing me a different, more inclusive and critical way of being in the world. Thank you for not telling me the answers but teaching me and empower me to find them. Thank you for your presence and constant inspiration.

Thank you to my students for the diversity of experience and points of view you have brought to my life; I love the multicultural environment of the classes and of life in Switzerland.

And in particular I would like to thank the small students for the fun, laugh and love that you are. You are smart and gorgeous, and full of possibilities, may the world be yours, may you grow to be caring, compassionate, intelligent, creative and amasing adults.



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