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Oil and Pencil Portraits

A portrait of yourself or a  loved one, that can be displayed and admired, would make a perfect centrepiece in any ambient, or indeed, it would also make an ideal gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or any other event. A portrait is something truly special, unique and personal.

Jacqueline creates portraits using different mediums including pencil, oil, pastel or other techniques. Please contact her to discuss your requirements and to get a free quotation - prices vary depending on the technique, detailing, size and number of subjects.

For standard prices please see below:

Pencil, Charcoal and Pastel Portraits:


  1 Subject

 Addtl. Subject



 CHF 105.00

 CHF 53.00


 CHF 120.00

CHF 67.00


  CHF 132.00

 CHF 80.00


Oil Portraits:


  1 Subject

 Addtl. Subject


30 cm x 30 cm

 CHF 287.00

 CHF 63.00

30 cm x 40 cm

 CHF 299.00

 CHF 77.00

To enquire about other sizes/requests please e-mail: info@jartstudiogallery.com



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