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I’ am Italian and was born in Turin, Italy.

When I was very young my grandfather taught  me to draw and to paint; I remember that it was wonderful!! So I decided to start studying art.

I think that my cultural background influenced my artwork: I studied so much Modigliani, but I am also influenced by the works of Picasso and Matisse...I  like the Pop Art too: Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

In my artistic journey I want to find the answers to my questions about human nature. The most gratifying experience for me, as an artist, is to have the freedom to express myself and express my feelings; above all, that is what I want to do: Communicate what I fell through my artworks.

I don’t know where I am going with my art, I haven't made any plans...

The Unveiled Body

The theme of nudity embraces the whole history of art; during the centuries, nudity acquired different meanings and became a symbol for Eros, love and health of the body.

Today, everything is visually controlled by the advertising messages of the media and the nude body is used as an important tool for communication.

In our exhibitionist culture, sometime excessive and vulgar, the nude is in fashion, it is no longer a taboo, but is a manifestation of the banalized body, replicated to infinity, propagating sterile eroticism without any sort of inclusion.

Contemporary nudes are like holders of a “vacuum-packed” beauty.

My interest in the nude, both male and female, lives on the threshold between sensuality and Eros, between convention and scandal. The body becomes a tool to unveil the pulsations of the unconscious, through which I try to look at in a sort of enigmatic way. The faces of some figures are not well defined, this is to try and depict an Eros without a face so that eroticism, desire and sublimation can merge together.

My paintings need to embrace the viewer, seduce and make him/her feel uneasy. The nude, is a matter of life, not a robotised individual... 



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