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Customer Feedback

At JArt Studio-Gallery customer satisfaction is very important, like you, Jacqueline expects the best when making a purchase or requesting a service. With her own experience in mind, her aim is to make every client feel as happy as possible with what she offers.

In order to keep improving herself and her business,  she values your feedback very much, so please  feel free to e-mail her your comments at: info@jartstudiogallery.com or call +41 076 750 02 05

Testimonials from happy customers:

"Thanks very much for today, I had a really great day, I am going to do some practice and come back in a fortnight or a month" Sharyn

"Jacqueline, the portraits are amazing, I am really pleased with them!" Jolene

"The price of the painting was great and the quality excellent. My painting arrived very well packed and in perfect condition, it even had a little personal note from the artists saying that she hoped I would enjoy it. I do very much".  Isobel

"The painting is brilliant & just what I envisaged" Gary

"Thanks for the nice day on Saturday, I really enjoyed it" Rusejla

"The class was excellent and I look forward to the next class" Shirley

"Jacqueline is a remarkable combination of super friendly and professional. I immensely enjoyed taking her course and would/will recommend it to others who are interested in art classes." Mari

"The workshop was excellent. You are very kind and helpful and would like to take part in your workshops when I return to Switzerland." Blanka

"I liked very much the mood of the workshop. It was great fun to paint the boxes, I felt very relaxed without thinking of anything else. Thank you." Viktoria

"I liked the workshop very much, thanks for everything." Adrienn

"The classes were conducted very well and way above my expectations." Kiran

"Very friendly atmosphere for learning. The course is really good in terms of the resources provided and the teaching methods as well as the guidance and connection during each session of the course." Ramya

"Thank you so much for everything Jacqueline, I really enjoyed the classes" Brittany

"Very nice instruction. Good pace. I really learnt a lot from this class and developed a new interest :)"  Lydia

" Wow Jacqueline, the portrait is fantastic, you have captured the moment perfectly" Steve

"The course is very good, the class flexible and the teacher is also very good. I enjoy coming" Elisabeth

"Relaxed and calm environment with a pleasant and helpful teacher has made the course very enjoyable. In general excellent, everything is Tip Top!" Niel

"Many thanks for the wonderful trip, we really enjoyed it, you organised it really well and we also enjoyed the company of the whole group" Sheethal

"I wanted to thank you for organising such a good trip to Milan, we all really enjoyed our trip. Everything was really well coordinated I am sure it took you a lot of time to organise such a good and efficient day for us. All people in the group were very nice and it was unfortunate that we didn't have more time to get to know them more." Targol

"Thanks once again for the well organised trip, it was a really great experience for me" Raik

"I just wanted to thank you for organising such a wonderful trip to Florence. I enjoyed it a lot - all thanks to you! :) It was a wonderful experience, and definitely something I'll cherish for a long time to come.Hope to see you sometime in the future...maybe on another trip :)" Nikhita


JArt Studio-Gallery offers a variety of products all hand-made and original that can now be purchased also online; these include paintings/artworks, prints, craftwork, jewellery, mirrors and lamps. Prices range from as little as CHF 10.00 to about CHF 4'000.00 - meaning that there is something to suit every pocket. In addition, If you are purchasing a painting online, packaging and shipping fees - for delivery in Europe - are free of charge, therefore, you do not have to worry about any additional costs.

Buying online

Online purchases on this website are processed through PayPal which is a safe and recognised way of making e-payments; PayPal in fact, allows you to shop online without having to disclose your debit/credit card or bank details.

Return Policy

Returns for paintings purchased online

The returned policy for painting purchased online is 14 days.

Jacqueline understands that buying a painting online can make some of us feel a bit unsure, for this reason, once you have made the purchase and received your painting, you will have 14 days to evaluate it and see whether it is really what you were looking for.

Returns will be accepted within this period as long as the painting is still in the same condition as when it was initially purchased - returns of paintings that have been damaged, or for any other reasons diminished in their value, cannot be accepted.

Returns for other items purchased online

For other items such as hand-made Jewellery, hand-decorated cups, pictures (Florence Collection), photo prints (paper & canvas), mirrors & lamps purchased online, the return policy is 7 days.

Returns will be accepted within this period as long as the goods are still in the same condition as when initially purchased - returns of goods that have been damaged, or for any other reasons diminished in their value, cannot be accepted.

Packaging & Shipping

Shipment and packaging costs are stated under each PayPal transaction, if you do not see these fees, it means they are free of charge for that specific Item.

Packaging & shipments for paintings purchased online

Packaging & shipping fees for paintings purchased online are Free for shipments in Europe. For other destination, you will be advised about shipping costs once you have placed your order and stated the country for shipment; If you want to proceed with your purchase, a separate invoice for shipping & packaging fees will be sent to you via e-mail.





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