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* I am currently looking for a native German speaker to help with English to German translations.

If interested please email or call info@jartstudogallery.com or 076 750 02 05


Wednesday afternoon: 1 pm to 2 pm and 2 pm 4 pm (children)

Friday afternoon:  2 pm to 4 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm (children)

Saturday:  9 am to 11 am, 11 to 13 and 13 to 15 (children and adults)

Classes fill up quickly as places are limited, if interested, please call or email to check for availability.


Trial: These are independent sessions in which you can try a  class before committing to a full course. (Need to be scheduled in advance and subject to studio space and availability). Preis:  CHF 33.-  ENROL

Single Sessions: You don't have to commit to a full course, these sessions are for those wishing to take single classes. (Need to be scheduled in advance and subject to studio space and availability). Preis:  CHF 37.-  ENROL

Individual Classes: These classes are for those interested in a one to one session. Preis:  CHF 60.-  ENROL

10 Classes Course:  In this course we will learn perceptual techniques such as using structural lines, measurements and proportions, negative and positive spaces, adding volume with shading, one point perspective, colour theory and we will have an introduction to different painting techniques such as acrylic, watercolour or/and oil.

This course is aimed towards beginners and the duration is about 3 months.  Preis:  CHF 310.-  ENROL

If you would like to receive the schedule with the breakdown of each class please email: info@jartstudiogallery.com

**Price includes a free copy of Betty Edwards “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” and a beginner’s start up pencil drawing set.

20 Classes Course: This course is similar in content to the one above but the duration is about 6 months, therefore, we will have more time time to focus on each session as well as including extra modules such as portrait drawing.

This course is aimed  towards beginners and the duration is about 6 months. Preis:  CHF 510.-  ENROL

f you would like to receive the schedule with the breakdown of each class please email: info@jartstudiogallery.com

**Price includes a free copy of Betty Edwards “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” and a beginner’s start up pencil drawing set.

Please note* The above prices do not include art supplies, in case you would like to use the studio material which is shared between all students, the prices are as follow:

Extra 20 .- for the 3 months course.(10 lessons)

Exra 40.- for the 6 months course (20 lessons)

Extra 5.- for single class

(Excluding canvases and abstract work material)

Intermediate and advanced Level:

Classes can be customised to suit a student's skill level and interest, after assessing a person's work and level I can create a schedule for a specific student.  Advanced students that would like to work on a particular project can also receive the support needed.


While we do follow and take inspiration from a similar structure and modules as the ones mentioned above, for children, classes may change according to needs, interests as well as age requirement and particular seasonal projects.  Lessons aim to  develop imagination, critical thinking, projecting, hands on craft projects,  perceptual and technical skills, as well  as theoretical/ art historical  knowledge.

Learning/Teaching approach:

While lessons take place in a "class setting"  mainly in small groups, self-directed learning is also  encouraged. Teaching and learning approach is mainly experiential, holistic and interdisciplinary.

Class Format:

Intimate and cosy environment, small groups instruction, one to one attention.

Class schedules and times:

Lessons are mainly 2 hours long, in some particular cases it can be possible to have 1 hour session as well. In order to respect everyone in the class, please make sure you adhere to the schedules, lateness can disrupt the class flow and other people in the group. Please also collect your child/ leave the studio on time so that the next group of  students can begin with their session.


Language diversity is welcomed , therefore, while the material provided will be mainly in English,  lessons can be given in German, English, as well as Italian.

 Diversity of backgrounds, ethnicity and sexual orientation is also welcomed.

What to wear:

Please give your child old clothes for the class; even when wearing an apron, kids may still get dirty.


Payment for an art class or courses should be made in full on the first class. Fees are non-refundable as, by enrolling and booking a place, you are committing to attending a full class/ course. Only under specific circumstances, at Jacqueline's own discretion, you might be able to  receive a partial or full refund.

Payment slips are sent via email. Online payments are preferred.


Class cancellations need to be made with at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations count as a class and cannot be re-scheduled.

COVID-19 Regulations:

Following this year's pandemic, in order to protect everyone's health and wellbeing, when sick, please do not attend a class.

As we all share some of the studio tools, hands should be washed when entering the studio.

In order not to have too many people together in the room,  students and parents should please wait outside for a class to begin or to finish.


The above  terms and conditions regulate the business relationship between you and JArt Studio-Gallery. By enrolling and attending a class or course you agree to be bound by them. These conditions may be subject to change, in such a case, you will be advised accordingly.




Since its opening, JArt Studio-Gallery

has welcomed on its courses students from many different

countries including:






Students ranged in age from 4 to 74 years old! :) 

We love such a diverse, inspiring and creative environment!!




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