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Colour therapy is a gentle non-invasive complementary health therapy that harnesses the power of colour to bring about physical, mental as well as emotional wellbeing.  There are many branches of Colour Therapy that include colour psychology, art therapy, light therapy, as well as at times, different ancient esoteric healing techniques such as meditation and visualization.

Some of the areas in which colour therapy can be applied:

- Diet: we should include a mixture and variety of colours in our diet and food. Thus the so called "rainbow diet" is rich in colourful fruits and vegetables, small amounts of meat, low amounts of dairies and refined sugar, fresh products and vitamin D levels: outdoors and sunshine lifestyle.

- Home and Interiors: The colours we surrounds ourselves with at home can have a strong impact on our moods, energy levels and overall well being. Choose warm tones for areas where you want to entertain and socialize - such as the kitchen and living room - choose instead calming cooler hues such as blue and turquoise for areas where you'd like to relax and wind down.

- Clothes and accessories: Our wardrobe should include a mixture of hues, but most people, unfortunately, tend to stick to safe colours such as  black, navy blue, grey or brown. Be bold and include colours such as red, pink, orange and purple among your accessories and outfits!

- Colour Psychology: Colour has the power to effect our emotions as well as tap into the subconscious mind. Psychologists and marketing experts understand this very well and are  interested in studying how colour can be used to heal as well how it can effect us. For instance, green has a calming and relaxed feel to it, is known to help reduce stress and can be used in helping reduce high blood pressure. Green is often the colour preference of those  working in health and nature, and in business and marketing, it is often the colour choice  for promoting products related to wellbeing and the outdoors.

Artists often understand the psychological properties of colour and can use them in their work to better communicate their message or to have an immediate emotional and psychological impact on their viewers. For instance, Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh, among others, are artists who knew how to use colour particularly well. For instance, through the use of soft blue tones Picasso, when living among the poor and outcasts of Paris, was able to express their anxieties, sadness and desperation creating a body of work that came to be known as his "blue period."

Van Gogh, through his use of complementary colours such as red and green, yellow and purple, or orange and blue, was able to capture the attention of the viewer creating at time clashing as well as harmonious combinations. 

Most of us may also be familiar with every day language such as "I am feeling blue," or "I have the blues," or "I see red" or "I am green with envy!"

Hues, thus, are constantly colouring our world, emotions as well as language!

- Art Therapy: Art therapy is not about diagnosing or analysing a person's art work, nor is it about its aesthetic qualities, but rather, it is a vehicle that allows a person to express his/her emotion thorough a different, often more spontaneous and direct form of communication. It's about bringing to the surface emotions and feelings that often cannot easily be expressed through words and language, allowing to find peace and empowerment though creative expression; colour and images are in fact powerful tools that can reach beyond words and tap into the sub-conscious mind, the part of the psyche which is free from the constrain of family, culture and society. It allows people to get in touch with different aspects of themselves, and, on a transpersonal level, reach beyond our personality and ego awareness.

*Under particular and needed circumstances, I am also happy to provide a session of colour therapy free of charge.

*Colour/Art therapy sessions are individual and need to be booked in advance*

1 Hour Art Therapy Session for Creativity and Relaxation: 40 Fr (Price includes art supplies)

In my experience teaching art, I have found that one of the biggest challenges and problems when it comes to being creative and producing artwork, especially for adults, is self-doubt and perfectionism, which really are two sided of the same coin: the one fuels the other. Perfectionism can be so limiting that often verge towards unrealistic standards, procrastination, bad moods and rigid non spontaneous outcomes.

Thus, what inhibits creativity the most is not lack of talent, but feeling of anxiety, self- doubt and perfectionism.

Enjoy a session of unrestrained creativity. Allow for shapes and colours to arise and accept them. There is no right or wrong, no mistakes, no good or bad art, and most importantly, no judgment!

This session will help you to let go of your inhibition and fears and create a piece of artwork that is spontaneous and fresh.

Session includes:

Art therapy

Visualization with art therapy

Colour reading and counseling (advise on colours for dress, decor diet and career/business)

1 Hour Art Therapy for Self-Empowerment: 40 Fr ( Price includes art supplies)

Sometimes life can  leave us drained, perhaps the pressure to perform both at home or work, and try to fit in into society's idealized version of who we should be, and what our life should be like, may affect our self-esteem and our capacity to see the beauty of our uniqueness, including all the quirkiness and imperfections.

In this art therapy session we will work on acceptance and transformation. We will work on keeping an open ended view of the self, see its malleability, and work on its potential.

Session includes:

Art therapy

Visualization with art therapy

Colour reading and counselling (advise on colours for dress, decor diet and career/business)

Jacqueline is a fully qualified Holistic Colour Therapy Counsellor Practitioner.

Disclaimer: Colour therapy is a gentle non invasive Complementary Health Therapy, by complementary it is meant that it can be practiced alongside traditional healing methods but never as an alternative or substitute. Colour therapy does not claim to cure or heal, or diagnose an illness, but can be beneficial in helping soothe and alleviate symptoms, as well as provide some useful coping techniques.


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